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I am an artist, I paint pictures and create in various fabrics.
In my textile creation, I enjoy needle felting or embroider


Over the years I have tried in various art forms.








I get inspired from my fantasi, the nature and people around.

            You are welcome to contact me if you interested in my art work or just want to write to me.



A site ful of imaginari figures, made thrue needle felting 


I been a feltmaker for about 4 years this winter.

 I let the creating to take á big place in my life.

 I'm more or less daily,  working with my subject matter.

 It may certainly be a beeing of any kind such as a goblin a plot or why not an animal fable.

  Guard, which in our time are rarely seen, but

 Maybe they are still out there in the woods and fields, though it is only a few GRANT be able to see them.


 Art Dolls is a generic term for most of my characters.

 Everything from an animal fable to a more human corpses being.


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My name is Sofia and I am a Swedish feltmaker from Älvdalen in north of Dalarna.

My art is made from felted wool

I create the most of my art through a proses called felting, using the felt needle. I am self - taught Felt Artist and my felt works is one of a kind. 

I think  the most  exciting  part in the  createing process is to make lively faces on my dolls.

The artwork are for sale so Please contact me if you have any questions or like to order a Art Doll.

Christmas poem

Little gray

Heaven all the stars glimma.Snön creak under his feet, the cold bite in the cheek. Longing for the warmth inside. Quiet and silent hours in the house quiet corner. The old stand in the straw, chew first red on a straw. Fast feet run to catch up. Christmas bells call of the midnight hour, the little gray against the sky smiles when snowflakes sail down

                                          © written by  Sofia Alfredsson




My name is Nelly Iám a art doll
Copyright © Sofia Alfredsson


I make my one silk paper. This is a new technique that allows you to create a silk fabric without having to spin. The silkpaper gives beautiful outlines in the wool.




My art is Copyright ©  Sofia Alfredsson











































Trosa Julmarknad 2 /12-2007
Utställning på Galleri Max Salongen på Telefonplan 13/10 till 6/11-07
 på Telefonplans Bibliotek
                                      september 07                                     
Utställning på Älvdalens Bibliotek 23/8 till 22/9-07
Utställning i Vintervikens Trädgårds kolonistuga
11/8 till 12/8 -07  
Konst i det gröna 16 juni 2007   
Hornstulls Bibliotek  12 - 27 April 2007
Konst eller Konstig i Skärholmen 05 
Vintervikens julmarknad i Gröndal 06
Hovstallets Julmässa 06
Trosa Julmarknad 05 
Streets julmarknad 04
 Elfvdalens hembygdsförenings
Julmarknad i Älvdalen 02-04

Hello and welcome to my site.

In Älvdalen in Sweden where I grew up we got our one language, Elfdalian ( Övdalsk or Dalska, Swedish: Älvdalska). Elfdalian is a language spoken by a couple of thousand people in Älvdalen in North of Dalarna.